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The First National Bank of Brooksville has served this community now for over 115 years as a safe place for customer deposits and a source of credit for business ventures, buying homes, farms, and other luxuries and necessities.  During wars and in times of peace, the bank sold Government Bonds to help strengthen our country.  The Bank has financially supported many organizations in our community including our churches and schools.  The Bank has also supported agriculture and our local farmers.

When you bank with First National Bank, you’re banking on this community as well.  That’s because every dollar you invest here goes back into the community.  Since we’re locally owned and operated, our interests lie right here in Bracken County.  So instead of investing in out-of-town areas, we’re more interested in putting funds into our hometown community, making it a better place for all of us to live and raise our families.  We’re honored to be a part of this community, and proud to be the bank you call home.

Our History

On July 8, 1907 a meeting of the stockholders of the First National Bank of Brooksville was held for the purpose of organization; Mr. W. P. Haley was elected president.  On October 3, 1907, The First National Bank of Brooksville, Kentucky, having received a charter from the United States Government, began its services to the people of Brooksville and to Bracken and adjoining counties.  On April 18, 1914, The First National Bank of Brooksville, Kentucky, became a member of the Federal Reserve System.  Mr. H. L. Corlis was chosen President in 1922.

The President, Mr. H. L. Corlis, appointed a building committee in May 1929 to receive plans and bids on a new bank building.  During that year a beautiful structure was built along ultra-modern lines, exclusively for banking purposes with ample room for expansion. This building was occupied early in 1930 and is the present location of The First National Bank.

During a stockholders’ meeting in January of 1971, Mr. H. L. Corlis, who was unable to perform the duties of President due to illness, empowered Henry Moorhead, the Executive Vice-President, as the Chief Executive Officer with all the powers vested in the office of President.  In February of 1971, Mr. H. L. Corlis passed away after 63 years of service to The First National Bank.  Mr. Henry Moorhead was elected President and Chairman of the board to fill the vacancy of Mr. Corlis.

In 1983 the bank instituted an internal audit department, and on August 16, 1983 Steve Hamilton, who is a certified public accountant, began employment at the Bank as Internal Auditor.  On August 1, 1986 Henry Moorhead retired as a full time employee but continued to work on a part-time basis for the bank until January of 1993.

On January 26, 1989 it was determined that it was time to outsource the internal audit functions.  Steve Hamilton moved from internal auditor to Vice President of Operations.

On January 28, 1993 Henry Moorhead retired as President and Chief Executive Officer after serving in these positions since 1971.  On January 29, 1993 Steve Hamilton was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the bank.  In 1993 the bank became a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank and began research to open a drive-through branch bank.  First National Bank of Brooksville broke ground on October 20, 1994 for the new drive-through branch bank.  On February 27, 1995 the drive-through branch bank was completed and opened.  The branch was a great addition in serving the needs of our customers.

In 2005 the First National Bank of Brooksville was one of the few banks in our area to serve our farmers by participating in the historical tobacco buyout program by offering lump sum buyout contracts to the farmers.  In 2007 First National Bank of Brooksville celebrated its’ 100th year anniversary.  As of this anniversary date the First National Bank of Brooksville has total assets of over $59 million.

In August of 2019 Steve Hamilton announced that he was going to partially retire.  Haley Clark was named Chief Executive Officer, while Steve Hamilton retained the President position.  In December of 2021 First National Bank of Brooksville announced mobile deposit, allowing customers to deposit checks into their account from the mobile app.  As of January 2022, 115 years after opening, First National Bank of Brooksville has total assets of over $75 million.

Our Mission Statement

Our primary objective is to be a profitable, independent service institution serving Bracken County and surrounding market area.  We will tender to our stockholders a fair return on their investment by maintaining sound return on assets and return on equity ratios.

As a community bank, we are committed to providing financial services in a superior, personal, and friendly manner.  Our long term desire is to grow the bank gradually by being market-oriented and evaluating opportunities to enhance our existing products or offer new products to meet the needs of our market area and compete with our competitors.  The First National Bank will support worthwhile community activities and organizations.

The bank will serve the entire community and provide all of our products in a nondiscriminatory manner.  We will support and emphasize compliance with all fair lending and equal credit regulations.

We will maintain a knowledgeable, professional staff that exhibits team spirit and an overall genuine concern for our customers.  Since this is imperative to the success of our institution, we are supportive to the continued education and training of each employee.

Todays Date is June 25, 2024

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